Trigion and Embrace link up with #SamensterkFM


As work environments prepare to reopen, practical issues involving working processes coming into contact have come to light. To prevent each company re-inventing the wheel, various companies, including Trigion and Embrace, have come together in the coalition #SamensterkFM.

Connecting initiative

Trigion and the other initiators share their expertise in a unique mix of product and service providers, consultancies, clients, knowledge partners, media partners and sector organisations. Sharing and connecting knowledge is key, so that new solutions can be generated as quickly and efficiently as possible. In a continuous dialogue, we learn and develop together and make our know-how available to everyone. The aim is to enable the working population of the Netherlands to return to their working or learning environment as soon as possible. More than 30 parties have already joined the initiative.

Platform for sharing knowledge

We create a platform where all expertise is brought together and where new issues can be discussed. By organising 'hackatons', we look for solutions to complex problems. We then make all the available knowledge widely available via webcasts, knowledge dossiers and whitepapers, together with the media partners. #SamensterkFM is a non-profit initiative operated by the participating parties.

To generate good and innovative solutions for complex problems, we are constantly looking for new partners with similar or different areas of expertise. This will enable us to achieve widely supported and sector-unifying solutions which are applicable to everyone.

The way in which we want to find solutions takes the form of 'hackathons', a marketplace of dilemmas where experts from different disciplines solve problems.

More information is available on the Facto site: https://facto.nl/samensterkfm-kennis-delen-over-werkomgevingen-in-coronatijd/