Support while the shop stays open

Shops have to be clean and safe, and have sufficient personnel. Another important point of attention is to ensure a minimum of loss. When a renovation or restyling takes place, this should be done according to schedule. At the same time, it should disrupt the sales process as little as possible. This requires facilities services partners who are used to doing their work in a helpful and meticulous manner, often while business is taking place as usual. 

Facilicom knows what retail is all about

Facilicom companies operate across the country, which is why we are the perfect choice for the provision of services to retail chains. Our unique experience in shop safety and the expertise we have gained in performing renovations and maintenance for many chain store establishments ensure great knowledge of the retail business. We also apply this knowledge in other areas, such as cleaning, the installation of sprinkler systems, the maintenance of technical installations, hostmanship, and the complete management of facilities services.