Far-reaching increase of living comfort

Many city dwellers and elderly people desire more living comfort and are willing to pay for this. This is best realised by means of contracting out all facilities services, convenience services, and the maintenance of buildings and installations to a single party who will also look after the management of these. A party who, moreover, is very experienced in the creation of safety and who, in addition, is specialised in the renovation of dwellings - even while still occupied.

Services regarding dwellings

Facilicom has all necessary expertise where renovation and maintenance of dwellings are concerned, as well as facility estate management of (multifunctional) complexes. We will perform all cleaning work and look after the total security. In addition, we construct, renovate and maintain buildings and look after all technical installations. Thanks to our Alarm Service Centre all occupants and users are able to reach us on a 24/7 basis, all year round.