Health Care

Safety is increasingly being looked at in an integrated way and, in that capacity, it is also an administrative subject. How is safety organised in the A&E department? What can we do to prevent aggression towards healthcare workers? Are we well prepared for Cyberattacks? We not only provide advice but also physical security.

Eating, drinking and hospitality are inextricably linked. Residents, patients, employees, guests and students. Target groups with different needs. How strategic is eating and drinking for your organisation? What role does sustainability play? What role can residents and the community play?

It is obviously important that your healthcare institution is clean and that it looks clean. Not so much for the purpose of inspection, but for those for whom you are caring. For your staff. We increasingly place responsibility for direction and assessment, assisted by smart applications, on your employees and guests. Clean only when it is necessary, that’s what you do at home too!

Due to the separation of housing and care, there is a huge real estate transformation task, particularly in long-term care. We will be pleased to advise you on the relationship between your strategic housing plan and your long-term maintenance plan. We can also advise you on your maintenance in relation to your renovation plans. We not only advise, we also take care of the implementation ourselves.

If you entrust us with your entire facility organisation, we can optimally and integrally work together with you as a managing partner to increase the experience for your guests and reduce the costs and risks. Towards that aim, we will be pleased to provide you with practical advice on numerous facility challenges and assist you in temporarily filling the facility management positions.

To obtain a quick and thorough insight into your facility improvement options, we can also be of service to you with our care scan. This will show you how costs, satisfaction and performance relate to each other.

'Remote care' is becoming increasingly important in both the long-term and curative sectors. We are a market leader in the field of personal alarm and follow-up.