An efficient, decisive and flexible government

Government authorities intend to operate efficiently, decisively and flexibly and are therefore increasingly looking for sustainable forms of collaboration with market parties. Not only concerning the tendering of facilities services, but also to create a safe public domain. Other important aspects include the construction and operation of government buildings. The risk of failure is high; therefore partners have to be reliable, offer continuity, and be willing to serve a public cause.

For many years, Facilicom has been a partner of the government

For many years, and in many areas, Facilicom has been in the top of the evoked set to provide services to the government and government bodies. From cleaning, security and safety, or catering to construction, the complete maintenance, the delivery of all facilities services, as well as the operation of buildings in the form of PPP arrangements. The fact that Facilicom is the only company in the Netherlands able to carry out such a PPP contract as a single party makes us very proud. In addition, we partner the government in other ways as well. For example, we also deploy prisoner caretakers, surveillance officers, and car-park attendants.