Zadkine continues with Gom for cleaning activities for the coming three years


ROC Zadkine, the regional institute for vocational training, in Rotterdam has once again chosen Gom Education as its partner for cleaning services. Gom will be responsible for a number of Zadkine locations in Rotterdam and the surrounding area. The close collaboration started in 2013 and is not restricted solely to cleaning activities. In recent years, Gom has collaborated with Zadkine to develop a number of high-profile initiatives in the field of education.

Gom will be responsible for one of Zadkine’s three sites, including the prominent location on Benthemplein in Rotterdam. As part of the curriculum, students at the educational institution can follow a wide range of vocational programmes, including those in the field of facility services.

In the past three years, Gom has initiated several notable projects in consultation with the client. On the one hand, these projects aim to ensure that the facility services programmes are closely in line with the working environment. And on the other hand, Gom and Zadkine have set themselves the objective of encouraging interest in facility services programmes, seeing that the facilities sector is also facing difficulties filling positions.

Official contract signing between the Executive Board of Zadkine and directors of Gom.

‘The partnership is working very well’

Among other things, the partnership between Gom Education and Zadkine Startcollege resulted in a practically oriented level one cleaning programme. Another initiative enabled level four facility services students to participate in an experience game, during which they could gain practical experience at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Mieke Sprinkhuizen, senior account manager at Gom Education: ‘These kinds of projects are good examples of why our partnership with Zadkine is so effective. Our close contacts with teachers, study-programme managers and those responsible for facility services keep us well-informed about what is going on and enable us to target our education and cleaning concepts even better.

Praise for sector specialisation

Gom’s sector specialisation also received praise during the tender. Since the beginning of this year, Gom has operated in six different business units, one of which is Education. ‘Our client literally informed us: “You understand education and know exactly what we want.” That is also the added value we bring with our sector specialisation.’

Although there are options built into the contract, in the coming three years the focus will primarily be on results-oriented cleaning, quality perception and influencing behaviour. Gom and Zadkine already developed a waste bin together as an experiment to encourage students not to leave waste lying around. An idea generation project, in which Zadkine is joined by TU Delft, Lentiz, VU University Amsterdam and students and teachers of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, should yield even more ideas aimed at positively influencing behaviour. In addition, the establishment of a hybrid learning and working environment is planned, in which Zadkine, Gom and Facilicom Group are joining forces.