The first Facilicom Challenge is over!


Ever doubted the ability of your colleagues to bake pancakes? Have you ever seen how colleagues enjoy not losing a round of the Dutch board game ‘Mens-erger-je-niet’? Or can you guess how many enthusiastic Facilicom staff took the elderly for an outing in the Apenheul primate park in their wheelchairs? If, like hundreds of colleagues, you took part in the first Facilicom Challenge, you’ll undoubtedly have been able to get to know them from a different angle. The interest in the first large-scale initiative by the Facilicom Foundation, between 18 and 29 June, was heartening.

The Facilicom Foundation was set up last year as a logical consequence of our new ‘why’. We do a lot at Facilicom, and we do a lot of different things, but there is also one major common denominator. And that is: providing everyone with an inspiring environment. Whether it be life, working, living, recreating, studying or receiving care. Such an environment where you live with pleasure seems self-evident. But in today’s society some people feel excluded.

Social responsibility

As a family business we have no difficulty in assuming our social responsibility. That’s why the Foundation was set up, to support vulnerable groups in our society. They can count on the Facilicom. Financially, but also in the form of the Facilicom Challenge, for example.

Plenty of passion

Lots of employees were involved in charity work between Monday 18 and Friday 29 June. With no ulterior motives, ranging from a few hours to a whole day. Activities having nothing to do with their actual work, but that they carried out with enormous passion.

  • Colleagues helped at the night shelter of the Salvation Army, and pushed the wheelchairs of elderly people (some with dementia), right through the gardens of Het Loo Palace, the Apenheul primate park or just for a turn locally.
  • We fixed up a neglected garden and gave a polluted apartment a metamorphosis, with freshly-painted walls and a new laminate floor.
  • We got up at five in the morning to start working as interim pancake bakers in the Philadelphia care home, we made music with the elderly in a residential care home, and we played games in a care apartment complex.

Flying start

Many later shared their enthusiasm on social media, with hashtags like #fantastic, #hierkomikgraagmijnbedvooruit (this certainly gets me out of bed in the morning) and #topmiddag (great afternoon). It was particularly that enthusiasm which was the best flying start the Facilicom Foundation could get. Because this was only the beginning. We would like to continue with special initiatives to help everyone find that inspiring living environment!