2020 5Nov

Rotterdam-based New Fork acquired by Facilicom Group

2020 5Nov

With the arrival of New Fork directors Yorick van Baarsel and Roland Mathyi, Facilicom Group is taking the next step towards the rollout of the new F&B concept Food&i. Van Baarsel and Mathyi founded New Fork in Rotterdam. Under that name, they have both been successful with innovative F&B solutions for various clients, including Coolblue. ‘We recognised the great fit between New Fork and Food&i,’ says Joost Smaal, who is leading the rollout of the new division in Facilicom Group. 

The desire to serve food and drink made of 100% natural products was the drive that resulted in Yorick van Baarsel and Roland Mathyi launching New Fork in 2011. In 2020 that need is greater than ever, says Van Baarsel. 'There is a clear trend towards better quality, more craftsmanship, more hospitality. And people are also looking more for hospitality concepts than catering concepts. Which is also why Facilicom Group approached us to take over New Fork. We have always looked for new, more innovative forms of catering.'

Catering Coolblue

The New Fork concept can now be found in several prominent locations in and around the city of Rotterdam, such as Erasmus University and restaurant Futureland in the port of Rotterdam. Furthermore, catering is an important basis for the company, which will continue under private label with its existing employees. As such, it will therefore continue to provide Coolblue and Deutsche Bank with food and drink every day.


With that experience, Van Baarsel and Mathyi expect to add value for Food&i. 'Over the past ten years, we have already taken huge strides. What Food&i is doing has strong links with what we have already done. We can add what we learned to the concept.' The time is right for innovation, he says. 'You've already seen the change to the more artisan. Now coronavirus has added the need for flexibility. Businesses have far less insight into how many people are in the office every day. So it isn't useful to be tied to an unwieldy contract.'

'Two innovative entrepreneurs'

The two founders will continue their enterprising ways at Food&i, in almost the same roles as now. This means that Mathyi will focus more on the operational processes while Van Baarsel is responsible for concept and development. Joost Smaal will take on the general management. 'In Yorick and Roland, we have two innovative entrepreneurs who will help Food&i change the marketing rules in the food and drink industry,' says Smaal. 'Their experience, combined with the size of Facilicom Group, gives a boost to the new world of food and drink that we are developing.' The commercial launch of Food&i is planned for spring 2021.