New impulse to data-driven service at Facilicom Group


On 1 January 2020, Pieter Zeestraten was appointed CIO of Facilicom Group. Along with the appointment of Pieter Zeestraten, Marcel Krom has become a non-executive board member of the Board of Directors of Facilicom Group.

‘The collection, analysis and processing of valuable data is becoming increasingly important within our own business operations and services to our clients,’ says Geert van de Laar, CEO of Facilicom Group. ‘We use data analytics, for example, to create safe environments and to optimise cleaning services to match current use. With the arrival of Pieter Zeestraten and Marcel Krom, we are taking the next step in our ambition to be more data-driven, in particular by further integrating data and raising operational management to a higher level.’

Data-driven work as a strategic pillar

In addition to operational excellence, customer centricity and innovative organisation, data-driven work is a strategic pillar of Facilicom Group. Both men will bring a huge amount of expertise in the field of digital innovation to the company in Schiedam.

‘Facilicom is an ambitious family business with significant social relevance,’ says Pieter Zeestraten. ‘I am looking forward to the challenge of working with colleagues in continuing to shape the chosen path to work more data-driven.’

‘In the business domain, the impact of digitisation focuses on two areas,’ explains Marcel Krom. ‘Optimisation of existing business models and transformation of business models within existing and new markets. I look forward to contributing my knowledge in these two areas in the various companies of Facilicom Group. Data-driven work will be normal in the future. Nevertheless, realising it needs to be done step by step, preferably at a stable and fast pace.’

About Pieter Zeestraten

Pieter Zeestraten has gained extensive experience in the field of ICT and digitisation at KPMG (Nolan, Norton & Co.), Getronics PinkRoccade and KPN, and was recently employed in strategic ICT positions at Exact and Alliander.

Marcel Krom is CIO at PostNL, where his responsibilities include data solutions, innovation and digitisation.