2018 7Nov

New group of trainees starts at Facilicom Group

2018 7Nov

On 1 October, eleven trainees joined facilities provider Facilicom Group. These trainees will complete a two-year programme, possibly ending up in an interesting position at Facilicom head office afterwards. Over these two years, the trainees will work in two different, challenging positions in one of the divisions of the biggest facilities provider and care and welfare company in the Netherlands.

Facilicom Group is convinced that employees are its most important asset, so it recruits a new group of trainees every year. ‘We look for trainees who have the potential to develop into all-round client and result-oriented leaders, project managers or consultants within Facilicom Group or one of our business units and divisions,' explains Sterre Harrison, talent manager of Facilicom Group.

Trainees from 2018 alongside Sterre Harrison (talent manager) and Elise van der Ende (advisor HR Development) of Facilicom Group

The group that is eligible for a traineeship includes graduates from universities and higher professional education with a maximum of two years' work experience. They are usually under the age of 27 and have the potential and drive to get the most out of their development. The target group is often called 'high potentials'. 

There are currently two traineeship groups at Facilicom, which started in 2017 and 2018. A new traineeship group will start next year.