Mosa and Rafael are Tomorrow’s Bosses


Last week, our Vice CEO Albert van der Meulen, Facilicom’s boss, handed over the reins to Mosa and Rafael for one day. They were taking part in JINC Rotterdam’s project, Tomorrow’s Boss (Baas van Morgen). A fun day full of new experiences was had by Today’s Boss and Tomorrow’s Bosses.

Today’s Boss, Vice CEO Albert van der Meulen, went exploring with the Tomorrow’s Bosses, Mosa and Rafael, two pupils from Schiedam who are in their final year at De Peperklip Primary School. Tomorrow’s Boss is a project set up by JINC as an easy, accessible way to introduce pupils to all sorts of jobs and companies. Each year features a new central theme, and this year’s theme was diversity. Obviously, at Facilicom, diversity is evident in many areas: we have diversity in our services, locations, colleagues, jobs, etc., so there is a lot to see here! 

A recap of the day

First of all, the three bosses headed to Blijdorp Rotterdam Zoo, where District Manager Hilda Grosjean explained what is needed to keep the zoo spotless. What should you look for? What’s allowed? What’s not allowed? Which job comes first? What’s your route? Why is it dirtier when it rains? Why don’t all the colleagues do the same jobs? Hilda told them about the many different aspects of the work, and made sure that the two Tomorrow’s Bosses and Today’s Boss had a very exciting morning. After all, as Hilda says: ‘Apart from being the district manager, I’m also the point of contact for the zoo’s visitors and I represent Gom of course too.’

The second port of call was Trigion’s Alarm Service Switchboard. Both Tomorrow’s Bosses were very impressed by the access control system, the screens, the surveillance images and all the IT and digital aspects. The three bosses made a final stop for lunch served by Food&i, a great way to round off this entertaining programme, which showcased Facilicom’s diversity.

About Tomorrow’s Boss

JINC strives for a society in which a person’s postal code and socio-economic background are no longer decisive for their future. For the project JINC Tomorrow’s Boss, children take control of the Dutch business sector. They have the chance to experience what it is like to manage a company by taking on the boss’s job for a day. The young people meet lots of people who can help them, see for themselves how a company is organised and show the world how important it is to invest in all future talent.

Picture of ceo Albert van der Meulen and the new bosses Mosa and Rafael