Leiderdorp and Incluzio sign implementation agreement


The implementation agreement between the municipality of Leiderdorp and Incluzio was signed on Monday 10 September. From 1 January 2019, Incluzio in Leiderdorp will be responsible for all preventive and general welfare facilities. Until now, the municipality worked with a number of organisations for the various forms of social support. The various forms of welfare assignments, the tasks of the social team and a large portion of the Social Support facilities for both light forms of outpatient support and day care have now been integrated and will be carried out by a single provider.

Janine de Vries, project manager at Incluzio Leiderdorp, thanked the municipality for the commission. ‘We are pleased to have been given this assignment because it is perfect for us. Having responsibility for all the welfare tasks will enable us to create more cohesion in social support. We will be making it more accessible and transparent for residents so that they can receive the support they need faster.’

Changes for existing organisations

‘I understand that this commission is painful for a number of existing organisations. They have been active in Leiderdorp for a long time and have done a lot of good work. Some will no longer continue, while others will have lost a portion of their work because we work with a single integrated team that enables the various types of social workers to collaborate and communicate closely with each other. Provided they are suitable, we will give preference to those people currently working for an existing organisation,’ explained Janine. Incluzio will conduct job interviews in October. Starting in November, Incluzio will then visit the neighbourhood to listen to the residents to ensure that from January the services will meet the residents’ needs as well as possible.

Everyone counts and participates

Incluzio Leiderdorp will become the organisation where local residents can go if they want to play a role in their neighbourhood or if they seek support. Janine explains: ‘Families and young people under the age of 18 can also continue to go to the Youth and Family Team. It therefore remains a very important team to work closely with, just like all the other partners in the chain, such as GPs, for example. Especially for the older residents, it is crucial that medical help from the GP and social support from Incluzio Leiderdorp are able to enhance each other. And the same goes for local businesses, the reintegration company DZB and the schools. Developing talent and increasing the likelihood of finding employment have always been the common thread running through our work. We want everyone to feel that they count and can participate, not only now but also in the future.’