Gom Hospitality preferred supplier Landal GreenParks


Landal GreenParks and Gom Hospitality have signed a master agreement for cleaning holiday parks in the Netherlands, making Gom one of three preferred suppliers for cleaning services. Since 2019, Gom Hospitality has been performing cleaning services at Landal Amerongse Berg.

Landal GreenParks is the largest provider of holiday parks in the Netherlands. The company is also active in eight other European countries. For cleaning, Landal GreenParks works with regular partners under long-term master contracts. Since this year, Gom Hospitality has been added as a preferred supplier for cleaning, following a tender. ‘Gom Hospitality has presented itself well,’ says Anneke Mezger, Director Facility Support. ‘What made them stand out from the competition was that Gom Hospitality had looked closely at the logistic aspect of cleaning. It has investigated the entire business process and looked at aspects that it could do differently or better. Gom Hospitality has inventoried the situation with a fresh view.’

‘Difficult processes’

Especially in the field of logistics, there is room for improvement, Anneke thinks. ‘In a market like this, logistic processes are difficult. An office building is cleaned metre by metre. In a park that covers a large area with many holiday homes, however, the distances are huge. Cleaning employees move about the park and carry their materials and equipment with them. Gom Hospitality has rebuilt and optimised the whole process all over again. Sometimes, it operates at a smaller park with 20 cleaning employees, and at other times it operates at a large park with 60 or maybe even 100 cleaning employees. How do you go about managing this team effectively? Gom Hospitality has really thought about this very carefully.’

Difference in terms and conditions of employment

Gom Hospitality has been active in cleaning hotels and holiday parks for three years now. Making the difference in the terms and conditions of employment was a major reason for the Schiedam company to enter the hospitality market. It is common knowledge that the hotel sector in particular does not always offer its employees proper working conditions. Anneke: ‘We have taken that sustainable approach of cleaning employees into account as well. We have many colleagues at the parks who are not on our payroll but who do have direct contact with the guests. They are also decisive for the way in which our guests experience a holiday home.’

Offering more of a challenge

Gom Hospitality gets to work with a focus on result at Landal GreenParks, for the time being at Landal Amerongse Berg. ‘We have recently abandoned the standard methodology. In the past, it was a matter of cleaning this and that to get a clean holiday home. Today, that clean holiday home is the starting point. The cleaning employee makes his or her own assessment as to when the floor needs some extra cleaning or whether it is time for the oven to get its periodic cleaning. In this way, the management rests with the cleaning company, and we offer cleaning staff more of a challenge. We make higher demands on their own judgment.’

Caption to photograph:
Tim Rooijakkers (Park Manager Amerongse Berg), Paul Tuerlings (Sales Manager Gom Hospitality), Karin van den Heuvel (BU Director Gom Hospitality), Astrid Velthuis (District Manager), Dick Renkel (Specialist Cleaning & Facilities), Barry van de Velde (Commercial Manager), Lianne van den Hoorn (Procurement Buyer)
Anneke Mezger (Director Facility Support), Olivier Laméris (Operational Director)