Gom and Ibis Styles Haarlem City Hotel win the Best Practice Award 2018


At the Exhibition Centre in Utrecht, the seventh Best Practice Award was presented to Gom Hospitality and the Ibis Styles Haarlem City Hotel. The jury and the audience were united in their support for the business case, which was up against three other finalists. “Gom and the Ibis Styles Haarlem City Hotel together succeed in creating working conditions that are in sharp contrast to the shortcomings that continue to pervade the hotel sector,” was the jury's positive verdict.

It was precisely with this in mind that the Best Practice Award was introduced six years ago. The award is presented each year to companies that successfully implement the principles of the Code of Responsible Market Conduct for the cleaning and window-cleaning sectors. Right from the start, when Gom Hospitality joined the sector three years ago, it positioned itself as a cleaning company that wanted to offer hotel cleaners decent working conditions. Unfortunately, this continues to be a problem, despite a lot of - negative - attention in the media. In December 2017, the cleaning company found a client in hotel director André Aaij who appreciated Gom's approach. Right from the very start, the cleaning and in-house staff have worked as one at the Ibis Styles Haarlem City Hotel.

The Gom Hospitality and Ibis Styles Haarlem City team accept the award

Joint presentation

‘One team, one goal’ was also the theme of the hotel team’s joint presentation during the finals afternoon at the Exhibition Centre in Utrecht. The presentation was well received by both the jury and the audience. The audience was also invited to vote on the cases of the four finalists. The fact that Gom Hospitality and the Ibis Styles Haarlem City Hotel went on to win the award was all the proof Maarten van Driel (client manager at the cleaning company) needed that pursuing the CSR strategy is the right course of action.

“This award means a lot to us. Cleaning in the hotel sector gets a lot of bad press, but this award shows that things can be done differently. Together we form one team, and that is also reflected in the occupancy rate at the hotel.” At the beginning of the year André Aaij signed the Code of Responsible Market Conduct, in the belief that it always pays to respect and focus on people: “It results in a lot of job satisfaction and development opportunities for everyone who works here, and for me it creates a great hotel.”


The jury praised the way in which both companies really listen to their employees, involve them in the process and value them. “There is no difference between in-house staff and external staff: employees see each other as colleagues. Cleaning employees really see that they add value and feel that they are an important part of the team and the process.”