FMN and Facilicom Group kick off year together


Together with Platinum Partner Facilicom Group and more than 190 facility professionals, FMN, the trade association for facility services, kicked off 2020 with the launch of FMN Young in the EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam and with it gave the starting signal for the celebration of its 25th jubilee. FMN Young is a new network within FMN aimed at facility management students and facility professionals aged 30 and younger. The aim of the network is to share knowledge, to gain inspiration and to find enthusiastic ways to help participants engage with the field of work and discipline.

The introduction of FMN Young was appropriately timed to coincide with the screening of a short film in the cinema, in which FMN Young presented its mission articulately to those present. Afterwards, Mirjam van den Dool, Chair of FMN Young, proudly reported that in a short time many young professionals, FM students and other parties from the field had already contacted her and her core team members: ‘That is hardly surprising, because with FMN Young we are contributing in a fun and meaningful way to expanding a relevant network for students and young professionals and their role as ambassadors in the field of facility management. At the same time, our fresh approach and fresh ideas will keep the established order on their toes.’

Geert van de Laar (CEO Facilicom Group), Natalie Hofman (Chair FMN) and Mirjam van den Dool (Chair FMN Young) toast in the New Year and the launch of FMN Young PHOTO: Michiel Wijnbergh, Hollandse Hoogte.

FMN Young already has its first events planned, including a company visit to TOPdesk in February and a full day event with the National Police Force in April. Would you like to add your organisation to an event in this community's agenda or initiate collaboration? If so, please contact FMN Young at young@fmn.nl. You can also visit the website at www.fmn.nl/young for more information, the video and to register.

Key to success

In her New Year's speech, Natalie Hofman, Chair of FMN, praised the initiative and stands behind it. She is pleased with the energy that FMN Young brings and she expects the new network to keep the board on its toes when it comes to setting out its future agenda. ‘We may be celebrating our silver jubilee this year, but today we are certainly not feeling old at all!’ Host Geert van de Laar of Facilicom Group is also pleased with the FMN Young initiative and emphasises that young professionals may be the key to success. ‘At Facilicom, we provide young professionals all the space they need to discover, to learn and to experiment. A triple win for the professional, the discipline and for our organisation.’


The iconic EYE Filmmuseum, one of the many inspirational locations where Facilicom Group offers its facility services, formed the perfect backdrop for the traditional kick off of the New Year by all those involved in facility services in the Netherlands. Right from its inception, the building was able to provide an enormous boost to the development of old industrial sites in Amsterdam-Noord and has since gained a prominent place in the Amsterdam skyline.