Facilicom Group sells UK and Ireland operations


Facilicom Group is selling their cleaning and security operations in the United Kingdom and Ireland to Kingdom Services Group. The operations will be transferred today.

It is a strategic starting point for the Facilicom Group that all its companies pursue a top position in the market. In the Netherlands, Facilicom Group, thanks to its operations, is one of the major players and they are involved in all areas of the facility industry. In Belgium, the same applies to the cleaning operations, and Facilicom can see opportunities to reach the top with their other operations there too.

Limits to the services in the UK

Facilicom is only engaged in cleaning and security operations in the United Kingdom and Ireland. As the turnover was around 50 million and the workforce included 2,000 employees, the operations in the United Kingdom and Ireland were no longer in keeping with the Group’s strategy. Moreover, the path to the top of the United Kingdom’s facility services industry is quite long, the Board explained in a statement.

Focus on the Netherlands and Belgium

Accordingly, Facilicom Group has decided to sell their operations in the United Kingdom and Ireland and concentrate fully on their operations in the Netherlands and Belgium. Facilicom believes that Kingdom Services Group will be a worthy party for both employees and clients.

Preserving the values of a family business

Kingdom is also a family business, and their values are very similar to those of Facilicom. Kingdom’s operations dominate the security services market while Facilicom’s cleaning operations hold a similar position in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The statement also adds that the portfolios of the two companies are very complementary. 

The transfer has already been effected and all the employees, including the management, will move to Kingdom Services Group.

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