2019 2Sep

Facilicom Group congratulates Gom and Buitengewoon

2019 2Sep

The professional cleaning industry employs millions of people all across Europe and plays a key role in health care, well-being, image and perception. The European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards are intended to reward efforts from the cleaning industry and are awarded in various categories. The jury has looked at over 130 entries from various countries. Two of our companies, Gom and Buitengewoon, have been nominated for the European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards 2019.

For Gom, it is the third year that it has been nominated for this European prize. Gom is nominated for the Trash Roulette in the category ‘Best use of smart solutions by service providers’. The second nomination in the category ‘Rising star’ is for Lars Tubben (23), Campus Manager at Delft University of Technology. Under his day-to-day management, the Gom team increased the quality score from 6.9 to a spectacular 9.4 in just one year.

Buitengewoon is one of three companies shortlisted in the category ‘Commitment to diversity’. An excellent recognition, right in the first year of its existence.

The award winners will be announced in London on 17 October.