Facilicom Group acquires Synorga Groep


Facilicom Group acquired Synorga Groep on 17 July 2019. Synorga Groep provides electrical services for homes and buildings in the fields of security & telecommunication, electrical installations, and energy management. The Synorga brand will be maintained as an independent unit of Facilicom Solutions.

Facilicom has taken over all Synorga employees and activities. As a result, the Facilicom Solutions division now consists of 1,140 technical and facility employees. The management team of Synorga (the company celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year) remains in office. General Manager Leo Droog will leave in the course of the year.

Wide range of electrical services is a welcome addition

Synorga is a very solid company and its core activities comprise advice on, and the construction, maintenance & inspection, and management of electrical and security installations. These activities fill the gap in the electrical field experienced at Facilicom Solutions. In this respect, Synorga’s specialism is a welcome addition. Additionally, both organisations are committed to realising new developments. Sustainability, energy management & reduction, and developments in smart building are some of the themes both teams see eye to eye on and with respect to which they are complementary to each other. 

For 2019, Synorga expects a turnover of more than 10 million euros. Marco Feijen, General Manager of Facilicom Solutions: ‘With this acquisition, we confirm further strategic intentions by investing in integral solutions and by continuing to grow in specialist fields. In this way, we enhance our knowledge and operational strength, so that we can develop even better concepts and serve our clients better.’

Facilicom provides continuity for clients and employees

Leo Droog, Managing Director of Synorga: ‘We have carefully looked for the right party to safeguard the continuity of our services to the clients and guarantee our employees’ jobs. Facilicom is a party that operates in the same market and appreciates the value of what Synorga has accomplished in the past 50 years. With this party, the growth strategy of Synorga can be continued. I am very pleased about that.’

‘Combining the two companies yields a specialised organisation with a turnover of more than 250 million euros. The extra development strength allows us to expand our specialist position further. The acquisition creates an even better perspective. The synergy with other specialist Facilicom activities offers countless opportunities and will result in lower transaction costs and a higher service level,’ Feijen says.