Facilicom awarded the quality mark 'partner in social enterprise'


In November, Facilicom Bedrijfsdiensten received the quality mark partner in social enterprise. This quality mark originates in the Social Work Pact MVS and is awarded to employers who distinguish themselves based on criteria for social enterprise. Together with 10 other employers in the Waterweg-Noord region, Facilicom Bedrijfsdiensten signed a covenant with Stroomopwaarts.

Because they fulfil the criteria, Verolme Elektra Systems, MTS Euro Products, Lentiz/Reviuslyceum, Vers Inclusief / Deelfruit, Blozo, Voscon, De Kuyper, Rijnmondbouw, Facilicom Bedrijfsdiensten, Mammoet and the Frankenlandgroep may use the quality mark 'partner in social enterprise' for two years. The criteria to be eligible for the quality mark are available at www.stroomopwaarts.nl/sociaal-werkpact.

"Our aim is that over the coming two years, 100 entrepreneurs will embrace the Social Work Pact MVS to help at least 200 extra residents find jobs," says Martijn Bulte, manager of the Werkleerbedrijf of Stroomopwaarts. "They do this by signing a covenant. In this way, these entrepreneurs support the social task of the municipalities of Maassluis, Vlaardingen and Schiedam (MVS).” 

The Social Work Pact MVS aims to create extra jobs for people with poor employment prospects. Preferably regular jobs wherever possible, of course.