Facilicom and Albeda reinforce each other in the world of learning and working


On Thursday 8 October 2020, Anky Romeijnders (member of the Executive Board of Albeda) and Geert van de Laar (CEO Facilicom Group) signed an agreement for the purpose of intensifying their partnership. This agreement is a new step and a follow-up to the long-term partnership the parties initiated in 2016. The key focus of this partnership agreement is the new way of working for young people, young adults and working individuals.

Reinforcing and further expanding a partnership between Albeda and Facilicom is a good and logical step. Albeda aims to train students to become professional practitioners: competent, entrepreneurial, sustainably employable and flexible for all sections of society. This aligns well with Facilicom's core values and ambition: results-oriented, sustainable, cooperative and innovative.

Romeijnders: “Albeda aims to be a TOP school for everyone in Rotterdam and its surroundings interested in learning. Facilicom is an important partner for us, which embraces this ambition.” Van de Laar: “There are many vulnerable groups in society and the gap between the working and non-working population is increasing. It is an issue that Facilicom is keen to alleviate. By paying attention to others, attention to new opportunities, attention to everyone.”

Over the next few years, Albeda and Facilicom will jointly develop career paths for students and working individuals. One of the components they are going to develop is a Facilicom-wide senior secondary vocational education (MBO) traineeship. This is needed because professions are changing rapidly. Technological innovation and developments, such as globalisation and robotisation are imposing increasingly higher requirements on the skills of working individuals, as well as on young people and young adults who are being trained for the job market.

Van de Laar: “We are going to make our knowledge accessible and share our experience. We will be sharing themes, such as hospitality, future-proof accommodations, security, behaviour, sustainability and integrated facility management.” Romeijnders: “Albeda supplies the required knowledge in the field of blended learning using learning technologies for young people, young adults and working individuals. This forms the basis for jointly realising an interesting supply for anyone interested in making a contribution to the new way of working.”