Facilicom achieves excellent score in 2017 FM Provider Performance Survey


The FM Provider Performance Survey conducted by the Hospitality Group was presented on 16 March. This is an independent survey of the performance of high-end service providers (such as Multi-Services, Managing Agent, Integrated Facility Management). These are sourcing models in which part of the management and coordinating activities are outsourced to external service providers. Facilicom overall scored very high in this survey.

Major variations in provider performance

The 2017 FM Provider Performance Survey once again demonstrates that there are major variations in performance among different providers. In 2017 the difference between the lowest scoring and the highest scoring provider is 2.5 points on a 10-point scale. On average providers received a score of 7.4 compared to 6.9 in 2016.

The major variations in performance scores underline the relevance of this survey. The survey provides objective and independent insight into the customer satisfaction for all Dutch FM providers. This information helps clients in selecting their provider(s) and it helps providers in identifying areas for improvement or areas in which they want to profile themselves.

The top 3 rankings for the three different sourcing models is as follows:


  1. D&B
  2. Facilicom
  3. Eurest

Managing Agent

  1. Kien
  3. D&B

Integrated Facility Management

  1. Kien
  2. Yask
  3. Eurest/Facilicom