Complete concept to optimise working from home


The facilities services of Facilicom are no longer restricted to the workplace. With the introduction of the Facilicom@Home concept, the multi-service provider is offering a separate 'working from home service'. With Facilicom@Home, an employee can create the ideal working from home environment, including more cleaning, health coaching, connectivity of the IT and other equipment, security solutions and an ergonomic workplace. The concept is available in three versions: Good, Premium and Happy@Home.

Working from home has had a major boost as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. However, even before that, the office was no longer the only workplace. The ‘home office’ is so popular that more than half of Dutch workers prefer it. The workplace at home, however, is not usually comparable to the far more professional office in companies. ‘Loneliness and ergonomics are points for attention, for example. Anyone who does not maintain an emotional connection with their clients, colleagues and employer and who does not have a good work posture (sitting at the kitchen table, for example), will eventually suffer back and neck pain and mental health issues or even problems. When an employee works from home, the same occupational health and safety standards apply there as at the office. And we know from research that if the home office is not well equipped and facilitated, the productivity of employees falls,' says Martijn de Groot, the man responsible at Facilicom for Facilicom@Home.

From business environment to home

With the new concept, Facilicom goes further than the standard facilities services that were previously delivered in a business environment, such as health care, building maintenance, cleaning, security and catering. The security of IT connections at home is another point of attention addressed by Facilicom@Home. While business environments are well secured against misuse, a home office can be easy prey for hackers. De Groot: 'Facilicom@Home actually covers everything related to the needs of employees working from home. This includes support for mental and physical fitness, ergonomically approved office furniture with related equipment, such as noise-cancelling headphones and a courier box.' What Facilicom cannot supply itself is outsourced to specialised partners like Guidion, Ahrend and Ricoh.

Measuring the effects of working from home

Insight is provided into whether the installation of a professional home office, in combination with the (facilities) services, really provides the desired result. In a low-threshold way, Facilicom@Home continuously measures the effect of products and services via the employee on factors like productivity, vitality, connectedness and job satisfaction. De Groot: ‘That again is in line with the Facilicom vision: happy people make happy people.'

Three versions

Business can offer their employees three versions with Facilicom@Home. In the Good variant, the emphasis lies on working ergonomically and productively, while Premium makes the workplace at home more comfortable and luxurious. The most extensive version is Happy@Home: a complete programme (from a chore-free home, care of children and/or pets to tiny office as-a-service in your garden) to optimise the job and living satisfaction of employees. Part of Facilicom@Home is service at home.

Via a webshop, the workplaces are delivered 'plug and play', the (virtual) services are delivered or provided by appointment. Employees at home can later also call on the services. Employees can also offer the concept to their employees as a white label, with their own business name.

More information is available at www.facilicom.nl/facilicom-at-home.