2018 7Jun

B30 nominated for NRP Golden Phoenix 2018

2018 7Jun

This year the NRP Golden Phoenix jury has nominated seven projects out of 65 entries for the coveted NRP Golden Phoenix awards. The Renovation category has three contenders this year, including B30. Two projects have been nominated in the Area Transformation category, which is also the case for the Transformation category. All nominated projects illustrate the unique opportunities and huge diversity of purposes that existing real estate has to offer.

The winners will be announced on Wednesday 27 June, and the prizes will be presented in a celebratory event at the Caballero Factory in The Hague.

The nominees for NRP Golden Phoenix 2018 are (in random order):

In the Transformation category, the NRP Golden Phoenix received the highest number of entries this year: 30. The nominees are:

- Blokhuispoort (Leeuwarden)
- Pakhuismeesteren (Rotterdam)

 Area Transformation
The Area Transformation category had nine entries this year. The following were nominated:

- Aalmarkt (Leiden)
- De Kloostertuin (Nijmegen)

In the Renovation category, 26 entries were received. From a varied offer, the jury nominated:

- Aireywoningen (Amsterdam)
- PPS Bezuidenhouteweg B30 (The Hague)
- Musis Sacrum (Arnhem)

 View all entries and nominations at www.nrpguldenfeniks.nl