2018 7Sep

Albeda and Facilicom extend FX010 partnership agreement

2018 7Sep

Albeda and Facilicom Group have determined that they can bolster each other. Following on from the strategic partnership entered into last year, Anky Romeijnders, member of the Executive Board of Albeda, and Geert van de Laar, CEO of Facilicom, signed an extension to the FX010 partnership agreement on 28 August. The aim of the agreement is to enable both parties to maximise deployment of their available expertise in providing students with an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience as realistically as possible in working at a facilities company.

Geert van de Laar, CEO of Facilicom Group, and Anky Romeijnders, member of the Executive Board of Albeda


The partnership is a co-creation between business and education. Students from Albeda will gain work experience while working in an actual facilities environment. They can then apply directly what they have learned. In doing so, Albeda will bolster the significance of its vocational qualification. For Facilicom, it provides an opportunity to introduce high-quality new employees to this broad field of work. Extending the partnership agreement will also enable both Albeda and Facilicom to build on their joint venture programme ‘Youngflex’ and to look into which other forms of hybrid education can be developed.

FX010 partnership agreement

The partnership agreement is grounded in three key elements, namely hybrid education as a strong foundation, an outstanding learning environment that is more than just excellent education and the interconnection between education, business community and business in school.

Various products have been developed as part of the FX010 joint project, such as ‘Youngflex’. Third-year students from the Facilities Manager programme work as managers at this new company while receiving intensive supervision from managers at Gom, part of Facilicom. Facilicom also offers internships in an inspiring facilities environment, provides train the trainer tracks and gives guest lectures on Hostmanship.

Optimal connection between education and business community

Education and work connect seamlessly in this partnership. Albeda and Facilicom facilitate the progression from education to work. Both directors emphasise that the success of the partnership begins in their common goal of preparing young people in a thorough and competent way for their role as citizens and professionals. It is a responsibility that both organisations share and which they are keen to continue to develop together.