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Year 2018

July 2018
24 Jul24 July

The first Facilicom Challenge is over!

Ever doubted the ability of your colleagues to bake pancakes? Have you ever seen how colleagues enjoy not losing a round of the Dutch board game ‘Mens-erger-je-niet’? Or can you guess how many ...

June 2018
7 Jun 7 June

B30 nominated for NRP Golden Phoenix 2018

This year the NRP Golden Phoenix jury has nominated seven projects out of 65 entries for the coveted NRP Golden Phoenix awards. The Renovation category has three contenders this year, including B30...

4 Jun 4 June

Breda court building ready for use

The court building in Breda is ready. The certificate of completion was issued today by the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (the Central Government Real Estate Agency) to InBalans in Breda. The Zeeland-West-B...

May 2018
18 May18 May

Rijkskantoor De Knoop building officially opened

On behalf of the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf and R Creators, Annet Bertram, Director-General of the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf, and Hans Gennissen, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Facilicom Group, opened...

April 2018
12 Apr12 April
Facilicom-locatie Geyssendorfferweg

Facilicom to make buildings sustainable

Facilicom Group has commenced working with ambition on the requirements arising from the European legislation, the Energy Efficiency Directive. To be climate-neutral as an organisation by 2030, Fac...

March 2018
30 Mar30 March

Rogier Verbeek nominated for ABN AMRO Duurzame 50

The name Rogier Verbeek (Client and Market Director at Facilicom Solutions) once again figures on the shortlist for the ABN AMRO Duurzame 50 election. This election, which will be held for the 7th ...

1 Mar 1 March

Facilicom Group is looking for trainees

Facilicom Group is looking for talented employees in the Netherlands. Young people who have the ambition to develop themselves into all-round customer and result-oriented line managers, consultants...

February 2018

Year 2017

December 2017
November 2017
October 2017
5 Oct 5 October

PPS Westluidense Poort opens its doors

The operational period of the PPS project Westluidense Poort Tiel started on 28 August. After this contract was awarded in 2013, VolkerWessels started the construction of the building in the sprin...

September 2017
5 Sep 5 September

New group of trainees starts at Facilicom

As Facilicom Group is convinced that employees are its most important assets, the facilities service provider takes on a new group of trainees every year, among other things. On 5 September, a grou...

August 2017
4 Aug 4 August

Construction new courthouse in Amsterdam started

The New Amsterdam CourtHouse (NACH) consortium, which Facilicom also forms a part of, can start the construction of the new courthouse in Amsterdam. On 31 July 2017, the Central Government Real Est...

June 2017
27 Jun27 June

Facilicom Group sells French operations

It is a strategic starting point for the Facilicom Group that all its companies pursue a top position in the market. It has emerged that this is not realistic in the large French market. For this r...

May 2017
30 May30 May

Annual report 2016 available online

Facilicom Group announced today that its annual report 2016 in English is available. The report can be accessed on Facilicom's corporate website. A  printable PDF version also is available on thi...