2015 7Apr

Facilicom Winner of UWV Supplier’s Award

2015 7Apr

On Thursday 3 April 2015, Managing Director Rogier Verbeek accepted the 2015 UIL Award on behalf of Facilicom. The UIL Award is a distinction awarded to the UWV's most innovative suppliers. Last year, Trigion, a subsidiary of the Facilicom Services Group, had the honour of receiving the UIL Award.

The UIL Award is presented to suppliers who contribute above expectations to achieving the financial mandate, to innovation and/or to the corporate social responsibility of the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV).

A Major Compliment

As a UWV partner, Facilicom is responsible for the catering, cleaning, window cleaning, sanitary facilities, landscaping, pest control and part of the facility management for all branches in the northern half of the Netherlands. This is a multi-services contract whereby the Facilicom services are managed by a Facilicom Facility Solutions coordinator. 'The award is a tremendous compliment for Facilicom's colleagues who dedicate themselves on a daily basis to serving building users at over 49 UWV branches,' says Rogier Verbeek. They make our services actually visible and this is therefore much appreciated. We are all especially proud of this!