Facilicom Group is working to achieve certification level 3 on the CO2 Performance Ladder


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In 2017, we expressed the ambition to be CO2 neutral in 2030. A lot has happened since then to fulfil this ambition. For example, more employees are driving electric vehicles now, numerous measures are being implemented to reduce CO2 in our offices and we have taken various actions to achieve more circular business operations and services in the various divisions. We are also actively participating in initiatives to generate our own energy with wind turbines, solar farms and thermal energy storage.

From ambition to result

To further reduce CO2 in the coming years and make it easier to measure the impact of all these actions and initiatives, Facilicom will be using the CO2 Performance Ladder. And it works. Because companies that use the CO2 Performance Ladder as a sustainability instrument reduce twice as much CO2 than other operators in the sector. The certification works like a CO2 management system consisting of 5 levels. Facilicom aims to be certified at level 3 in the first half of 2021.

This means that Facilicom will initially tackle emissions from its own organisation (and all its projects). In the future, however, Facilicom also aims to be certified at level 4 and even level 5 by analysing its chain and improving its sustainability. In this way, Facilicom wants to reinforce the sustainable purchase code in the future by quantifying the CO2 emissions of its purchase choices.

co2 footprint Facilicom in Pie chart

Insight into CO2 emissions

Part of the certificate is disclosing the CO2 footprint. This disclosure is key to taking a targeted approach to reducing CO2. The following table shows the CO2 emissions of Facilicom Group in 2019. The data for 2020 are still being compiled. Lower emissions are expected due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mobility has been shown to have a great impact on the total CO2 emissions. Besides efficiently using our equipment and driving economically, electrification of the fleet has been introduced to reduce CO2 emissions. Furthermore, for our office and storage facilities, we will try to reduce electricity and gas consumption by implementing sustainable measures and the latest savings technology.

Working together on an inspiring working environment

2021 will be a year of sustainable progress for Facilicom. A roadmap will be developed in which quantitative reduction objectives are formulated. These objectives will ensure that we convert ambition into results!

Facilicom Group has occupied an important position in society for nearly 60 years. As a family business, values like sustainability and social commitment are an integral part of our DNA. We believe that achieving this certification will help us take the next step toward a more sustainable society.