Facilicom Group introduces name for F&B division: ‘Food&i’


Facilicom Group recently announced it was going to expand its Food & Beverage portfolio. Today, it also announced its name: Food&i. The plan calls for an official market launch in the spring of 2021. Food&i will be rolled out under the leadership of Joost Smaal.

For the Netherlands, the introduction of a new Food & Beverage branch means an independent return to the home market. In the Netherlands, Facilicom Group was active with its label Prorest until 2016. With Food&i, the facilities services provider no longer wishes to offer more of the same, but instead go off the catering market’s beaten track.

Food with Impact

“We are building a new world of eating and drinking. You can see the world changing all around you, particularly due to Covid-19. The traditional company restaurant is also affected by this. The way offices are used is changing. An F&B partner that wants to play a significant role in the future must go off the market’s beaten track. In this concept there is a much greater focus on the individual needs of guests. We aim to make a positive contribution to clients, as well as employees, through food with impact,” says Joost Smaal. 

Facilities Services Pillar

With a newly formed team, he will continue to work on the further implementation of Food&i. The spring of 2021 continues to be the planned launch date. Earlier, Facilicom Group’s Vice-CEO Albert van der Meulen emphasised he considered Food & Beverage an essential pillar of the Group’s facilities services package. The Group is active in cleaning, security, and construction and contracting, among others.