Facilicom Group golden partner Happiness at Work Week 2019


The week of 23-27 September 2019 saw the second edition of the Happiness at Work Week, an initiative that can count on the support of Facilicom Group, a people company fully focused on commitment and happiness at work. In this week, Facilicom, as a golden partner of the Happiness at Work Week, paid extra attention to happiness at work.    

Happiness at Work Week 2019

As we spend much time at work, happiness at work gains more and more importance, so an increasing number of employers pay attention to their employees’ happiness. The Happiness at Work Week was initiated to connect people and organisations that set great store by happiness at work. The Happiness at Work Week is supported by various parties organising small-scale events throughout the country to put happiness at work on the agenda everywhere. The Happiness at Work Week was officially opened at an unconference in Amsterdam on 23 September 2019. It was a conference in which participants actively participated, exchanging ideas, knowledge and experiences.

Happiness at work is contagious

It is indisputable that happiness at work is important. Facilicom Group has been paying attention to its employees’ well-being and satisfaction for more than fifty years. For this family business in facility services, this focus is a logical one. ‘Our employees’ happiness at work has a positive impact on our clients’ employees,’ says Geert van de Laar, CEO Facilicom Group. ‘This explains our slogan “Happy people make happy people”. Happiness at work is contagious.’ Not surprisingly, Facilicom Group is a golden partner of the Happiness at Work Week.

Extra attention for happiness at work

During the Happiness at Work Week (23-27 September 2019), Facilicom paid extra attention to its employees’ happiness at work. A daily newsletter, videos, actions with colleagues, a webinar and updates on happiness at work – no stone was left unturned to give the subject an extra boost. In the long run, too, Facilicom focuses on happiness at work as a regular part of its HR policy. Van de Laar: ‘Working on happiness at work is in our DNA. Our work contributes to other people’s happiness at work: cleaning employees cleaning the office with a big smile, or a hostess who gives visitors a friendly reception are concrete examples, which are supported by scientific research. We, for our part, want our people to feel connected with Facilicom, and we give them the opportunity and freedom to develop.’ 

Sharing knowledge

With the growing attention for happiness at work, it is essential that knowledge is shared as much as possible. Facilicom Group has set up a comprehensive knowledge base on its website. A white paper on happiness at work can be downloaded free of charge, and employees from various business units tell us about their happiness at work. ‘Happiness at work is different for everyone,’ says Van de Laar. ‘This is why sharing personal stories and experiences is so important. It brings the subject to life, and it allows us to find out what the subject means to us.’