Facilicom Cleaning Services MD wins prestigious European Award


Jan-Hein Hemke named ‘Inspirational Leader of the Year’ at the European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards in Rome

Jan-Hein Hemke, Managing Director of Facilicom Cleaning Services, has been named Inspirational Leader of the Year at the second European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards. The award ceremony took place after a gala dinner in Rome on 9 November.

Entrants to this award had to be nominated by someone working with them at any type of business operating within the professional cleaning sector. The judges looked for evidence of nominees’ leadership skills and how their leadership had impacted positively on other employees, and on the business.

Jeroen van der Brugge, Organisational Development Manager, Facilicom Group, who nominated Jan-Hein said: “I’m delighted that Jan-Hein has been recognised in this way. It is a very well-deserved award. Facilicom Cleaning Services is financially successful, committed to sustainability and to the wellbeing of its colleagues (including being a Living Wage Recognised Service Provider) and is ultimately extremely focused on the needs and wants of its clients. Such holistic success is not possible without an inspirational leader. Jan-Hein would be the first to say that this achievement is not all due to his leadership, but he certainly sets the tone, and even his deflection of any praise tells you a lot about his leadership style.”

Lisa Sheppard, Facilicom UK’s Director of Development, said: “I’m hugely impressed and proud that Jan-Hein won this award. He has always been honest, direct, interested and measured in his responses. In business, he rarely fires from the hip, but takes the time to make a more rounded decision, and as such, leads by example.

“When major decisions are to be made, he discusses them with the management team and encourages open feedback, acknowledging that he can’t have all the answers so the best approach for the business is to ask his senior team.”

Jan-Hein Hemke said: “This award is for everyone working at Facilicom. I’m honoured to be the recipient, but my success reflects the hard work of all my colleagues. Everyone at Facilicom works hard and finds solutions which, in turn, inspires me to be a better leader.”