Social Return on Investment

Social Return on Investment - Facilicom’s vision

For more then 50 years, Facilicom has been providing appropriate services in almost every area. As a people company, we intend to contribute to social prosperity in the long term, taking into account all relevant stakeholders. This includes social return on investment (SROI). The nature of the operational activities of Facilicom offers opportunities to people with a social return indication, for example people receiving unemployment benefits or young persons receiving benefits under the Work and Employment Support (Young Disabled Persons) Act. To give insight into this method, Facilicom has developed the following vision on social return.

‘Facilicom aims for a workforce that reflects society. This provides opportunities to people at a distance from the job market. And by setting up the Mobility Centre, Facilicom has taken an important step in avoiding that our own employees are distanced from the job market, by focussing on maintaining employability.

And Facilicom wants more. That is why Facilicom contributes in many ways to improving the employability of people with a vulnerable position in the job market. For example by creating internships, work-experience positions, and concrete job opportunities in a responsible and serious manner. We aim for a percentage of 5% social return.

It should be noted that the inflow of social return may never lead to any resulting forced outflow of current employees. Facilicom recognises a displacement market where this is concerned. In addition, social return may never obstruct or endanger the service provision and/or operational management of Facilicom.'

The social return target groups

The target groups involved in social return may vary by client or municipality. In any case, they concern people with a vulnerable position in the job market. Often these are people with a disability or who have been unemployed for a long time. In the Netherlands, basically people belonging to the following target groups are addressed:

  • Invalidity Insurance (Young Disabled Persons) Act (WAJONG)
  • Sheltered Employment Act (WSW)
  • Unemployment Insurance Act (WW)
  • Work and Social Assistance Act (WWB)
  • Older and Partially Disabled Unemployed Workers Income Scheme Act (IOAW)
  • Older and Partially Disabled Former Self-Employed Persons Income Scheme Act (IOAZ)
  • Invalidity Insurance Act (WAO)
  • Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act (WIA)
  • Invalidity Insurance (Self-Employed Persons) Act (WAZ)
  • Apprenticeship with block release, level 1 and 2 (BBL)
  • Vocational Training Programme, level 1 and 2 (BOL)

Facilicom will consider all possibilities and solutions in the area of social return.