Corporate social responsibility

CSR: an inspiring factor with an impact on our operational management

At Facilicom, we believe that optimal surroundings make living, working, leisure, shopping and caring much pleasanter. These views are explained in our mission statement ‘Working together to achieve an inspirational living environment for everyone’, which is firmly rooted in our operational management and serves as a focal point for our CSR policy too.

After all, these surroundings can only inspire us if we ensure that such places comply with the current requirements for sustainability, if we employ people who enjoy keeping these surroundings clean, whole, hygienic and safe, and if we consider the interests of everyone around us, not just our own.

CSR as an opportunity

That’s why we have never associated Corporate Social Responsibility with limitations but with opportunities: opportunities to define our vision more decisively, opportunities to improve our services and opportunities to bind people - both employees and clients - to us with even stronger ties.

How inspirational can Corporate Social Responsibility be?