Facilicom in the Netherlands

Facilicom in the Netherlands is specialised in the complete provision of facilities services, so that our clients can concentrate on their core activities. The facilities services of the Facilicom Group are divided in the following specialised divisions:

Albron Horeca & Catering


Albron manages and operates corporate restaurants for clients. In addition to the obvious lunch facilities, we also provide banqueting services for meetings and parties. As a high-quality caterer we occupy a prominent position in government bodies, industrial locations, the event business, and the business-to-business sector. Our employees regard every day as a challenge to surprise restaurant guests by providing them with fresh, healthy and delicious products, thereby paying particular attention to quality and hygiene. And this is done in a highly efficient manner, while we continue to focus on hospitality and cost-consciousness. www.albron.nl

Breijer Bouw en Installatie

By the name of Breijer, Facilicom is active in the construction and contracting sector. We realise construction and renovation projects in the following sectors: residential building, non-residential building, education, and health care. Because we have all aspects of construction and technology in-house we are able to offer our clients a complete package. Also, we can integrate all our services, resulting in a single project organisation. Construction will be a lot faster and more efficient. This complete package may furthermore be complemented by a service and maintenance contract, offering peace of mind about operation in the long run. By including maintenance in the construction plans, it is possible to minimise operating costs. www.breijer.nl

Facilicom Solutions

At Facilicom Solutions, we focus upon integrated, customised facilities solutions. For example, we may integrate various services for you, whereby you will be assigned a single contact person and receive a single, combined, invoice. You may choose from different service concepts, depending on your specific needs. It is advisable to combine services in a service concept. And if you need management and optimisation of your current facilities services providers, we can also look after this for you. In addition, we can help you by taking over the complete estate management of your buildings for you. If desired, we can help you by appointing professional facility, interim or project managers. www.facilicomsolutions.nl

Gom Schoonhouden

Gom has been innovating the industrial cleaning business for almost 50 years. From office buildings to production locations, and from event buildings, care and educational institutions, to airports. Thanks to our more than 7,000 well-trained employees and sophisticated working methods, we are able to maintain the high quality of the activities at any location. As a pioneer and trendsetter in the cleaning sector, Gom has developed a wide range of specialisms. We carry out specialist cleaning activities, including window and façade cleaning, floor maintenance, and the meticulous cleaning of industrial kitchens and sanitary facilities. Also, we have dedicated business units for the health care and food sectors. www.gom.nl

Tapwacht Service en Techniek

Offering hospitality and pleasing your guests - that is your core business. In order to carry out your business in an optimum way, your working environment has to be of the highest order. Tapwacht will help you achieve this. As a complete supplier for the hospitality business, we are able to give you perfect advice regarding the design and layout of your bar. In addition, we can provide and install buffets, coffee machines, as well as any drinks machines and refrigerated installations you may require. Furthermore, we will prove to be the ideal party for the cleaning and maintenance of your installations. Of course, you will be able to reach us on a 24/7 basis, should there be any malfunctions. www.tapwacht.nl

Trigion Beveiliging

With more than 7,000 employees and a great diversity of products and services, Trigion is the most complete security business in the Netherlands. We will look after the security in any building, from airport to ministry, and from power plant to shopping centre. The broad focus of Trigion and our drive to innovate will ensure the best solution to any specific risk profile our clients may present to us. Thanks to the fact that we continuously monitor and improve the quality and the results of our activities, our services become more professional all the time. In addition, we are able to keep up to date on your changing needs and wishes. www.trigion.nl