Our mission statement

Facilicom Group is a leading service provider. Deploying dedicated professionals, we offer an increasingly wide package of services. With a great eye for detail, we offer effective solutions with the interests of people, society and the environment in mind. We are able to provide a suitable solution for your every requirement - from cleaning your building to providing the security you need.

Facilicom's primary objective is to provide continuity and added value to all stakeholders, including employees, clients and shareholders.

Our market position

Facilicom is a professional partner with the ambition to be among the top five in the market for each activity. This way, we are able to provide excellent solutions, take initiatives, and tender for all important contracts in the market. To be able to profile the Facilicom companies in a strong way, we are limiting the number of brands. In addition, we are expressly propagating the Facilicom brand, in order to emphasise the strengths of the group.

Our strategy

Facilicom Group aims for an average growth of 5% per year. This way, we will remain a leading and inspiring employer and partner. We are realising this growth objective by means of a mix of autonomous growth and acquisitions. We achieve this growth in our current facilities services markets, as well as by starting up new activities or by participating in them. We have the ambition to become active in care and welfare services, which will be positioned separately from our facilities services.

Core values

To give direction to our management we have formulated a number of core values to which the management is to commit itself. These core values have been incorporated in our company.

Real attention to clients

Economic setbacks and shrinking budgets have placed more emphasis on the pricing aspect. At the same time, we have noticed that clients are not just looking for standard services, but also require real attention to their needs and wishes. Moreover, they are not just looking at the service itself, but also at the way it is provided. That is why we have started up a hostmanship programme, in order to make our organisation even more client-oriented.