Our mission statement

Facilicom Group’s mission statement is: we are leading in service provision. Deploying dedicated professionals, we offer an increasingly wide package of services. With a great eye for detail, we offer effective solutions with the interests of people, society and the environment in mind. We are able to provide a suitable solution for your every requirement.

Facilicom Group’s primary objective is to provide continuity and added value to all stakeholders, including employees, clients and shareholders. Facilicom Group aims for an average growth of 5% per year. The share of autonomous growth should increase compared to growth based on acquisitions.

Policy principles

Facilicom Group specified its strategic course in 2016. As a powerful family business, we defined five policy principles. Customer focus is key. In everything we do, we aim to be the most customer-minded facilities service provider in the Netherlands. This is monitored with the Net Promotor Score and our retention rate.

In the second place, Facilicom Group develops integrated client propositions. Facilicom Group has a unique market position because it can offer clients a full range of facilities services. Smart service combinations add value to the client. Furthermore, integrated solutions often come at a better price. Thirdly, we aim to focus more on developing concepts rather than products. This is in line with the shift we are making towards integrated services.

Additionally, we want to ensure systems work for our clients. That is our fourth principle. A strong focus on digitisation and data is the basis for commitment to innovation and updating our services. In the security sector, for instance, we are leading in developments, where security staff is decreasing, making room for digital solutions. Our cleaning services are also increasingly efficient based on using smart machine technology. We make social investments in remote healthcare. We also improve our internal ICT infrastructure, enabling us to help clients better and faster.

Finally, we defined four spearheads, i.e. connect, deepen, broaden and innovate our service provision. Connect - because we aim to cooperate with our internal and external stakeholders. Deepen - because we aim to continue developing our knowledge as a facilities service provider. Broaden - because we respond to growing market needs in our sectors, thus developing new services. The major social challenges relating to healthcare and wellbeing encourage us to broaden Facilicom Group’s portfolio, in particular in these segments.

With our company strategy, we aim for an optimal effect of our services for our clients, with due consideration for risks, opportunities and developments. Our business model shows how our strategy provides added value to the client.

Core values

To give direction to our management we have formulated a number of core values to which the management is to commit itself. These core values are incorporated in our company.