History Facilicom

The history of Facilicom Group

More then 50 years of existence represents quite a history. That is true for Facilicom as well. Originally, the facilities service provider started as a commercial business in cleaning articles, founded by Mr Johan Geurts. By the Rotterdam public works department (Gemeentewerken Rotterdam), our visionary was allotted a major assignment and established the name Gom: Gebouwen Onderhoud-Maatschappij, literally Buildings Maintenance Company. The middle part of the name - Maintenance - has been given more body over the years. It demonstrates that Geurts had big plans for the organisation from the start.

Expansion of services

After a contract with the municipality of Rotterdam was entered into in 1972, concerning the cleaning of 200 schools, Gom established subsidiaries in Groningen, Utrecht, Amsterdam, and The Hague, signifying a rapid growth spurt. The turnover had grown to 10 million guilders and, after a while, other services were added, including painting, interior construction, and maintenance of sanitary facilities. Gom anticipated these. 

Origin of divisions

The first substantial expansions took place between 1979 and 1986. The companies Gom Security Services, Gom Tapwacht, and Prorest were founded and Breijer was taken over. Thanks to various takeovers and name changes for different divisions, the organisation arrived at the current seven divisions Breijer (construction and contracting), Facilicom Solutions (main contracting and multiservices), Gom (cleaning), Incluzio (Care and welfare) Albron (catering & Horeca), Tapwacht (service and technology), and Trigion (security). 

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Going abroad

In 1974, the organisation went abroad and started to offer various services in Belgium, including HRM services, catering, security, cleaning, and facility management. After the takeover of a British cleaning company, in 2003, Facilicom Group expanded into the UK. Here, security services are now offered as well. 

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