Head office Facilicom in the Netherlands

headoffice facilicom

The facilitary office building

In the year 2006, Facilicom occupied the most facilitary head office in the Netherlands. At the head office, professional knowledge and experience from the various divisions is processed, from choosing an optimum location to cleaning and catering. The building on the industrial estate in Vijfsluizen, in Schiedam, the Netherlands, is the company’s front piece - representing all possible aspects of facility management and corporate sustainability. Think, for example, of cleaning, maintenance, catering, security, energy generation, and climate control. The head office is unique in its integral approach to all underlying technical installations and systems applied, and the many clever exploitation solutions offered. The building has 15 floors, comprising a floor area of 11,500 square metres. It contains workplaces for 500 employees.

During the realisation of the building, the question arose of how to share the knowledge inside the building with the discipline of facility management. The idea was developed to write a book especially intended for higher professional educational institutions offering facility management studies. Together with teachers from various studies, the book ‘The facilitary office building' was developed, which has become a compulsory textbook for students of facility management studies at Universities of Applied Science. More information about the book, click here.