Corporate culture Facilicom Group

Successful communication

Facilicom Group operates short communication lines throughout its subsidiaries. The hands-on mentality characterises every division, as does our result-oriented management attitude. The organisation features an informal culture, allowing employees to play a central role. After all, they largely determine the success of the services offered, and therefore of the company.

Our core values provide an excellent starting point for the choices made. They form the basis for all communication and commercial activities and give guidance to the management regarding operation and profiling. This way, they are the binding agent for the whole organisation. We have presented our core values below.


We collaborate with others - both within and outside of the organisation - in a results-oriented manner. Our focus lies on satisfied colleagues and clients. And it is this approach that fires our ambitions and keeps us on our toes.


Facilicom Group operates on the basis of a long-term vision. We offer our clients continuity, are future-oriented, and operate according to a Corporate Social Responsibility policy.


Within Facilicom Group, we depend upon one another. We trust and respect our colleagues and have an open working atmosphere. Our communal goal is to be successful through collaboration.


Within Facilicom, we are continuously striving to improve our performance. Innovations should lead to demonstrable benefits for our clients and form a structural part of our success in the market.


For many years, Facilicom has been distinguishing itself through operational excellence. In other words, we maximise operational profit; on the one hand by minimising costs, and on the other by adding as much value as we possibly can. In addition, today's clients demand hostmanship. That is why, in 2011, Facilicom introduced the concept of hostmanship. 

Facilicom intends to continuously surpass your expectations - including those of your employees, clients, visitors and guests. After all, we know that facilities services may contribute substantially to the performance and commercial success of your organisation. When your employees feel welcome, they will be satisfied and will perform to the best of their abilities. When your clients, visitors and guests regularly experience a wow moment, this will increase their loyalty and they will be inclined to spend more money. This requires more than 'just' a professional attitude, good service, and hospitality. It requires hostmanship.