24 June - Government relaxes more measures, but social distancing still applies to everything


At the press conference on Wednesday 24 June - the last one for the time being - the government announced that they are relaxing the current measures. However, one rule remains unchanged: keep a one and a half metres between you and other people. We have recapped the most important changes for you here:

From 1 July

  • The under-18s do not have to observe social distancing among themselves but they must keep their distance from adults.
  • The numbers of guests at gatherings, including in cafés and restaurants, theatres, cinemas, churches and events, will no longer be limited to a maximum. This applies to birthday parties, street parties, weddings and funerals too. Nonetheless, the guests must be asked in advance whether they have any symptoms of the virus; this is called triage and limits still apply to gatherings where people are not screened: For indoor meetings, the limit is 100 and outdoor gatherings have a limit of 250. In addition, visitors must reserve a place to attend any gathering.
  • Public transport can be used at full capacity again and coaches can get back on the roads, but face masks remain obligatory.
  • People can travel together by car again, although face masks are recommended for this too.
  • Tables at sidewalk cafés and in beer gardens, etc. may be placed closer together as long as sneeze guards are put up between them. 

From 1 September

  • Audiences can attend professional football matches again, although everyone must observe social distancing from the time they are arrive to the time they leave. The audience may not sing or chant; this ban will hopefully reduce the chances of the virus spreading to a minimum. 

After the summer holidays

Secondary schools can open again to their full capacity, on condition the schools introduce measures to ensure hygiene and that the coronavirus has not flared up again in the meantime.

Stay alert, read the guidelines and stick to the measures

Although the above is good news, especially now that the holiday season is almost here, we must stress that everyone should remain alert and must observe all the current measures properly. For now, that means: stay at home if you have any symptoms and ask for a test, keep a distance of 1.5 metres between you and others, avoid busy places, do not shake hands, sneeze into the crook of your elbow and wash your hands as often as you can. The message is, as always, work from home as often as you can.

The holiday season

For the time being, it looks as if these guidelines will be in place at least until 1 September. Behind the scenes, Facilicom Group is working on a policy to use after 1 September, based on the government’s guidelines. We shall do everything we can to provide our services at their usual high standards and to ensure we can work safely. If the coronavirus impacts our services, your contact will notify you in due time. If you have any questions about our services or our policy on travelling abroad during the holiday season, please get in touch with your contact.
Here’s wishing you all a lovely - and safe - holiday.